Penny Harter graduated from Douglass College and for many years taught high school English at public and private schools in New Jersey and New Mexico. She has also visited schools all over New Jersey as a writer-in-residence and currently works as a teaching artist for the New Jersey Writers Project, conducting workshops in schools around the state. She helped launch New Jersey high schools’ participation in “Poetry Out Loud,” a program co-sponsored by the National Endowment for the Arts and the Poetry Foundation.

Alexandra Miller was born in St. Peterburg, Russia. At the age of seventeen she studied illustration at the prestigious St. Peterburg Academy of Art. After immigrating to the United States she worked as an artist apprentice in Shimon Okshteyn fine Art studio in New York City. Her pen and ink illustrations have  appeared in numerous newspapers and magazines.  She lives in Summit, New Jersey with her husband, Phillip and their twin daughters, Veronica and Christina.

From “The Beastie Book- An Alphabestiary”  Penny Harter illustrated by Alexandra Miller


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  • Illustrator, Alexandra Miller is leaving the magical world of her Alpha-Beasties and taking on a new challenge…the fourth grade classroom. Her new project “Wisteria’s Show and Tell Adventure – Older than the Dinosaur” introduces us to Wisteria, the self-proclaimed “Queen of Show & Tell.” And although Wisteria’s school projects often end in disaster, they are sure to delight and amuse our young readers!

  • Penny Harter says:

    Thanks to Alexandra Miller for the gorgeous illustration for the letter “J” (Can you find the J’s?), and to Shenanigan Books for featuring our book! That is one of my favorite illustrations for “The Beastie Book” –though I love them all. Now I look forward to seeing Alexandra’s wonderful illustrations for her next book.

  • Dietha says:

    Im one of her Fans!!, and im grateful having known her, and i admiring her drawing .. so magical world… i can’t describe the soothed feeling of her art , makes me back to my childhood soothing memories.. 🙂
    i wish i can ger her email.. 😦
    Big success for you and the lovely family dear Alexandra Miller.. ! ^_^v

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