About Shenanigan Books


I live in Fairyland. Quiet honesty, I never left.

It’s a nice place where children learn to read with pictures and words, that transport them to a place of magic and imagination. So, if you are preparing your kindergartener for college by restricting his or her library to chapter books, you probably won’t want to read this blog.

However, if you woke up this morning and found a small ring of dew on your lawn and pondered its origin…suspecting it might have been left by fairies,then read on.

This blog is only for silly hearts and dreamers.

Company Profile

Shenanigan Books, a New Jersey-based company produces unique picture, craft and board books for preschool to third grade, richly illustrated and skillfully written stories, that inspire and delight young readers.

Its founder, illustrator/author, Mary Watson, hand-selects books that capture the imagination and make bedtime-reading a treasured family tradition.

Journey to foreign lands or into the magical worlds of mermaids, fairies or beasties with Shenanigan’s multicultural and fantasy titles. Or just laugh out loud with Shenanigan’s humorous titles, I Like Gum, Star of the Show and It’s Tough to Nap on a Turtle. Fun, learning and sharing the wonder of a good book is our vision.


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