The Real Booster Bogg

July 7, 2012 § Leave a comment



Everyone always says that life imitates fiction, but perhaps it was never truer than in the story I’m about to tell. 

Somewhere wandering the streets of the small town of Elephant Butte, New Mexico, a real life dog named Blue Boy is mirroring the adventures of the canine star of The Ballad of Booster Bogg – a book we released just a few months ago.

When Booster’s author, Ellen Jackson, read about Blue in the New York Times, she was amazed by the similarities between the two stories.  Immediately, she sent a copy of her book to Blue’s friend, Janice, mentioned in the Times article.

“I will always cherish it because it will always be a reminder of the love people have shown our Blue boy” Janice responded upon receiving the book.
Although Janice and many other folks in Elephant Butte love Blue, none will say they are his owner.  Which reminds us all, that in both fact and fiction there will always be some dogs who consider owners and leashes to be optional!

There, of course, is where the two tales meet and our friends face a common problem – those laws requiring dogs to have owners and to be walked on a leash.  The ones that turn Blue and Booster into outlaw dogs!

But read on …and you just may find the secret to keeping these lovable wanderers legal:



City Divides and Unites for a Dog Called Blue   By 


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