Got Questions? Ask Ellen

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Go behind the scenes with your favorite writers and illustrators to find out how they work – and to get a few tips to make your own work shine!

Ellen Jackson is a former Girl Scout and elementary school teacher and has written more than 60 books for children. Ellen has written about astronomy, the solstices, the U.S. presidents, and described how children lived 1,000 years ago. Six of her books are retold folk tales.

The Mysterious Universe was a Golden Kite honor book. Earth Mother received an award from the American Society of the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA). Cinder Edna will be performed as a musical by Stages Theater and also by the Olympia Family Theater in 2013.

Like her parents, Ellen has been interested in books and reading since she was a small child. Her house was a mini-library. Ellen’s mother worked as a children’s librarian for Walt Disney Studios for more that thirty years. Her father was an amateur astronomer.

Ellen, a former teacher, has traveled in Europe and South America, and now lives in Santa Barbara, CA with her husband. When not reading or writing or playing the recorder, she likes to hike the backcountry and/or canoodle with her schnoodle.

Ellen’s books have won many awards. She is most proud of the awards given by real readers, such as the Family Fun“Book of the Year” award for Monsters in Your Mailbox. This book was chosen out of a list of 600 other books by a panel of children. Librarians and teachers have also honored Ellen’s books. The Summer Solstice was a Society of School Librarians International Honor Book. And It’s Back to School We Go! was an NCSS-CBC Notable Children’s Trade Book in the Field of Social Studies.

Her latest book is The Ballad of Booster Bogg.

Booster Bogg is a rambling dog that wanders from owner to owner. He is loved by all, except mean Mr. Green who thinks Booster is an outlaw because he doesn’t have a license or a leash. The townsfolk find a way to save Booster from the clutches of mean Mr. Green.

“Booster Bogg
is a rambling dog
Who wanders wild and free,
Through valleys and alleys
Over hill and dale
And down to the boundless sea.”

Fun Fact from Ellen: This book is based on the story of a true event and a real dog. The dog’s name was “Boozer.” Can you guess why I changed it?

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